The Top 20 Sober-Friendly Pubs & Restaurants To Visit This Festive Season


The festive season is here and many of us are excited to celebrate with friends and loved ones. It is a time for joy and connection, when everyone should feel included and valued, regardless of their personal choices or circumstances. As such, it's important to remember that not everyone enjoys or can partake in alcoholic beverages for many reasons. 

In a world where hospitality should be inclusive, it's crucial for pubs and restaurants to recognize the diverse needs and preferences of their patrons. By providing non-alcoholic drink options and creating spaces that cater to those who choose not to consume alcohol, these establishments are paving the way for a more inclusive social scene in Ireland.

In this blog post, we'll list the top 20 sober friendly pubs and restaurants around Ireland to visit this festive season. These establishments offer an array of delicious non-alcoholic drinks, vibrant atmospheres, and welcoming spaces that cater to those who want to have a great time without alcohol. 

Every single one of these pubs & restaurants have been personally selected by followers of @iDrinkNolo for being respectful and inclusive of non-drinkers. So, let's dive in and discover some fantastic options for your alcohol-free celebrations!


Kodiak Rathmines

  • Where: Rathmines, Dublin 6
  • Check out their Insta: @kodiak_rathmines
  • Of note: Described as taking their non-alcoholic cocktails seriously, and have a particularly delicious one made from Fire & 5th called “Down in My Plums”. 

stella cinemas

Stella Cinemas

  • Where: Rathmines, Dublin 6
  • Check out their Insta: @stellacinemas
  • Of note: One of the best non-alcoholic cocktail menus we’ve seen! Many of our community report having a fantastic time at this neighbourhood hotspot, well worth a visit! Super clever advertising by @audi Ireland too. 

cafe en seine

Cafe en Seine

  • Where: Dawson St, Dublin 2
  • Check out their Insta: @cafeenseine
  • Of note: Another cocktail bar noted for taking their non-alcoholic cocktails seriously (love to hear it!) this is a great place to catch up with friends during the festive season. 

Hawksmoor Dublin

  • Where: College Green, Dublin 2
  • Check out their Insta: @hawksmoordublin
  • Of note: This place has a well stocked non-alcoholic bar, and offers a range of different options for non-drinkers. An excellent choice for those wanting a delicious dinner and a diverse non-alcoholic drinks menu. What’s also amazing about Hawksmoor is that on Mondays you can bring your own non-alcoholic drink for only €5 corkage! 

Searsons Bar

  • Where: Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4
  • Check out their Insta: @searsons_bar_dublin
  • Of note: An iconic Dublin spot reported to have a great selection of non-alcoholic gin and friendly bartenders who will make you a lovely cocktail. 

pichet dublin

Pichet Restaurant

  • Where: Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4
  • Check out their Insta: @pichetdublin
  • Of note: A popular Dublin restaurant known for its delectable cuisine where our followers have reported that they serve a variety of non-alcoholic wines, great to see it! 

Peruke Periwig

  • Where: Dawson St, Dublin 2
  • Check out their Insta: @perukeperiwig
  • Of note: Offers a diverse selection of expertly crafted cocktails including a non-alcoholic range in a stylish and vibrant setting.

Bresson Restaurant 

  • Where: Monkstown, Co Dublin 
  • Check out their Insta: @bressonrestaurant
  • Of note: A charming and elegant dining establishment known for its exquisite French cuisine, impeccable service, and now their non-alcoholic options! 


  • Where: Dawson St, Dublin 2
  • Check out their Insta: @featherblade51
  • Of note: Serves Hollow Leg wine allowing you to have a delicious glass of non-alcoholic red wine with your steak! 


  • Where: William St S, Dublin 2
  • Check out their Insta: @groganscastlelounge
  • Of note: A well known and popular traditional Irish pub located in the heart of Dublin. One of our followers highlighted this place as having particularly wonderful bar staff who were welcoming and worked hard to find her a non-alcoholic option so worth a mention! 

Americana Bar at The Devlin 

  • Where: Ranelagh, Dublin 6
  • Check them out on Insta: @americanadublin
  • Of note: Delicious tapas and two diverse and well thought out non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu means this place is worth a visit. Reported to be a buzzy place for a friends night out! 

FX Buckleys

  • Where: All over Dublin
  • Check them out on Insta: @fxbuckley
  • Of note: Well loved by steak enthusiasts, FX Buckley’s can be relied on for a tasty dinner. Although their cocktails are a bit too dependent on juices & syrups, their commitment to providing a variety of non-alcoholic options gets them on this list. 

six by nico

Six by Nico

  • Where: Molesworth Pl, Dublin 2
  • Check them out on Insta: @sixbynico
  • Of note: Reported as having ‘the best passion fruit margarita I’ve ever had’ from one of our followers, this delicious restaurant will make many of their cocktails alcohol-free on request. Love a place who cares about their customers like this spot! 

Wilde at the Westbury

  • Where: Grafton St, Dublin 2
  • Check them out on Insta: @wildedublin
  • Of note: Reported as having excellent non-alcoholic cocktails and four (4!) non-alcoholic wines on their menu, Wilde at the Westbury is a must-visit spot for non-drinkers and particularly non-alcoholic wine lovers. 


Paladar Cork

  • Where: Cork City
  • Check them out on Insta: @paladarcork
  • Of note: Vibrant decor, delicious food and welcoming & inclusive staff who will get as creative as you want with your non-alcoholic cocktail, this is a must-visit for anyone in Cork who doesn’t want to drink alcohol but wants an excellent meal in a gorgeous space. 

The River Club Cork

the river club cork

  • Where: Cork City
  • Check them out on Insta: @theriverclubcork
  • Of note: American grill vibes and an excellent non-alcoholic cocktail menu with five options (!), this is a super-inclusive and very pretty space for any lunch or dinner occasion.


Terre at Castlemartyr Resortterre restaurant

  • Where: Castlemartyr, Cork
  • Check them out on Insta: @terre_restaurant_
  • Of note: You’ll probably only have a meal like this once in your lifetime - simply breathtaking. On the list for their excellent tea pairing which makes this place a fantastic spot for a non-alcoholic special occasion. 

O Mahoney’s of Watergrasshill 

  • Where: Watergrasshill, Cork
  • Check them out on Insta: @omahonysofwgh
  • Of note: If you live in Cork you’ve probably heard of O Mahoney’s and with good reason. Excellent food, homestyle pub vibes, very talented barstaff and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Also offer corkage which is a pleasant nod to non-drinkers! 


house limerick

House, Limerick

  • Where: Limerick City
  • Check them out on Insta: @houselimerick
  • Of note: Stunning decor and a gorgeous view of the river, this is a great spot to have a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail and a catch up with friends. 


Hyde Bar 

  • Where: Galway City
  • Check them out on Insta: @hydebargalway
  • Of note: This place is committed to non-alcoholic options and has an entire page of their menu dedicated to cocktails, cider and beer options. Only surprising thing is no non-alcoholic wine given the diversity of their alcoholic wine list. Still worth checking out though! 

So there you have it! Not only do these sober-friendly establishments provide a safe and inclusive environment for non-drinkers, but they also contribute to the growing movement of mindful consumption. They prove that enjoying a night out doesn't have to revolve around alcohol and that there are countless ways to socialise and have fun while staying true to your personal choices. Happy Christmas!

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