5 Of The Best Wellness Podcasts In Ireland

Wellness, a concept that encompasses both physical and mental harmony, invites us to explore various paths towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. It encourages us to embrace practices that promote inner peace, mindfulness, and overall happiness. In a world that often feels fast-paced and overwhelming, these 5 podcasts offer a soothing escape and a wealth of knowledge on nurturing our physical and mental well-being. So, grab a cup of tea, settle into your comfiest chair, and let's explore these gems together.

by Dr Clodagh Campbell

Unspoken launched in January and since then has been No. 1 in the podcast charts for every episode released. Created and hosted by Dr Clodagh Campbell, also known as The Wellness Psychologist (@the.wellness.psychologist), each episode features individuals who share their untold stories to find healing but also to provide support and inspiration to others.

The aim of the podcast is to ‘speak the unspoken’, to remove the taboo and shame around sensitive subjects that are often more prevalent than we may acknowledge or realize. It gives the listener the perspective of being a fly on the wall, offering a privileged glimpse into the inner world of others in a respectful and therapeutic way. Highly recommended.

Where to find:

Spotify Podcast
Apple Podcast
Instagram: @the.wellness.psychologist
Website: thewellnesspsychologist.ie

Food, Body & Beyond
By Niamh Orbinski

Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counselor, Yoga Teacher and Best-Selling Author of “No Apologies” Niamh Orbinski helps people reframe and rediscover their relationship with food and become at home in their body. Her podcast Food, Body & Beyond is the number one podcast in the Nutrition category and aims to support listeners in creating healthier, more relaxed relationships with food, movement and body image.

Topics are vast and informative and include real stories featuring private clients who share their experiences with intuitive eating, interviews with experts in the fields of nutrition, health & wellness, and deep dives into questions from listeners. If you want to learn how to feel ok in your body and in your relationship to food, this podcast is for you.

Where to find:
Shopify: Podcast
Apple: Podcast
Instagram: @nutritionwithniamh
Website: nutritionwithniamh.com

The Laura Dowling Experience
By Laura Dowling

Author of the highly popular @fabulouspharmacist page on Instagram, Laura Dowling is a pharmacist and founder of the supplement range fabÜ. The Laura Dowling Experience podcast is a wealth of interesting interviews from a wide range of guests including Claire Fullham, Dr Caoimhe Hartley, Paddy Smith and Dr Vicky O Dwyer. Topics covered include dermatology and skincare, psychotherapy and burnout, addiction, mental health and women’s health.

One of the most popular podcasts in the Irish health & wellness charts, The Laura Dowling Experience brings visibility to a wide variety of wellness topics and expert guidance and opinion. Fabuwellness.com, Laura’s website, also features a wellness blog covering even more self-care topics if you want to rest your ears and start reading instead!

Shopify: Podcast
Apple: Podcast
Instagram: @fabulouspharmacist
Website: fabuwellness.com

The Good Glow Health
By Georgie Crawford

The Good Glow Health (and its parent podcast The Good Glow) are both created and hosted by Georgie Crawford, health coach, best-selling author and well known public figure who openly shares her moving story about her journey and experience with breast cancer as a young mother.

The aim of both podcasts are to encourage more meaningful discussions about our health and well-being to truly raise awareness about the importance of health and self-care. The Good Glow Health features an interesting mix of expert guests and open, friendly chats creating visibility about a variety of topics from self-love, fertility and breathwork to meditation, healthy sleep patterns and all things relationships. Interesting, educational and one to add to your list!

Shopify: Podcast
Apple: Podcast
Instagram: @thegoodglow.ie
Website: thegoodglow.ie

Stretch Marks
by Sinead O Moore

One of the best parenting podcasts out there, Stretch Marks explores the experiences that challenge us as we embark on the journey of parenthood, the imprints these challenges leave behind, and the personal growth we undergo (both physically and emotionally).

This podcast serves as a super valuable resource and repository for individuals interested in personal growth and transformation. The thought-provoking conversations with a variety of interesting guests provides insightful perspectives on the aspects of life that can truly stretch us to our limits. After listening you are left feeling inspired, motivated and ready to embrace what stretches you which makes this podcast so popular and well worth a listen!

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Instagram: @stretchmarkspodcast

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