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Does not task like whiskey at all...

Not what I expected at all. Completely disappointed with this product. Tried it with friends also, the negative comments are too many to list. Not sure what market this is aimed at. Maybe for cooking or something. Who knows...


I absolutely loved this drink, oh yes so refreshing, light and perfect for the warm days and evenings coming up! Add it to a tall glass with ice.

Best NA margaritas so far

All in the title, I made the best NA margaritas I've had with this.
Good stuff, I'd recommend.

Great stuff!

Honestly wasn't expecting it, and that's a good thing. Strong smokey flavor, a good thing to add pizazz into a cocktail (or on its own but it might be a bit strong). Definitely keeping one of those on my shelf

Thank you

Thank you so much for replacing the gift, it’s very much appreciated and throughly enjoyed…

Too sweet

Too sweet for me. Personal preference but I couldn't drink it.

Delicious with ice cream

Lovely drink. Lovely with ice cream

A great alternative to an aperol spritz!

Very grown up taste!

Lovely bottle, looks so good. If you like Olive brine in your drinks with a kick of citrus this is for you. Loved it on a Friday night with tonic and ice. Will definitely get it again for me. Was too much olive for the non olive lovers in my life!

Pleasant flavours

I loved this Sparkling, the aromas and the flavours is so light and delicate yet very different from anything I’ve ever tasted! I wish I had bought more!


I am a big fan of Professor David Nutt and love a glass of Sentia red on the rocks with some San Pellegrino or Fevertree ginger ale. Such a relief to find a yummy but low calorie alcohol free botanical

It’s my 1st time of drinking this brew

I’ll see if I can afford buying it in my budget I write up
I had already drank 2 and got a 3rd but got violently sick but it could be to do with dinner earlier but mixing dinner with beer obviously not wise but it’s alcohol free
It’s got a subtle nice taste to it and aching what normal beer do

Probably my favourite non alcoholic white wine

As title says, I love this wine for going to a social occasion. It's so tasty and very light the real thing without the hangover. Usually my first choice when I'm buying a non alcoholic white wine

Really sweet drink

Really sweet drunk, works well when mixed with tonic or soda water

Lovely light wine

Gorgeous wine, really light and tasty


Heard a lot of talk recently about Sentia Black and wanted to give it a try. Absolutely love it ! Spicy, peppery and very delicious. Will definitely purchase again

First red wine that's actually nice

I've tried a lot of non alcoholic red wines but they've all been too sweet or too bitter, but this is the perfect balance. Like.most n/a wines it doesn't really taste like a wine person but it's very tasty and a great alternative while not drinking

Lovely night cap

Really enjoyed this with some sparkling water a slice of orange and some grated ginger . Nice little
Night cap, felt very relaxed

Very good, really nice if you’re having a party and need something special for guests who don’t drink