Living an Alcohol-Free Life: Exploring Sober Communities in Ireland

Alcohol-Free Life in Ireland

In recent years, Ireland has witnessed a remarkable shift in the way people approach their relationship with alcohol.

yoga womenAs the concept of sobriety gains momentum, numerous sober communities have emerged, providing a supportive and inclusive environment for those seeking an alcohol-free lifestyle.

These communities foster a sense of belonging and connection through various activities such as yoga and meditation, walking and hiking, coffee meetups and even sober social parties where individuals can find fun, joy, connection with others, and practice self-care while staying committed to their sobriety journey.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the notable sober communities in Ireland that cater to the growing sober curious movement.

Babes Without Beers

Babes Without Beers is a vibrant community that celebrates the joy of living alcohol-free. Founded by Stephanie Meagher who understands the challenges of navigating social situations without alcohol, this community offers a safe space for women, non-binary and the LGBTQ+ community to connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. 

As a nation, we have a very intense drinking culture. It’s safe to say that most social events involve drinking. For women and members of the LGBTQ+ community, there’s always a hen party, a bottomless brunch, cocktails with the girls or a celebratory bottle of prosecco on the go. There are a lot of people who aren’t even aware that they are engaging in alcohol misuse or dangerous behaviours because it’s normalised so much in Irish culture. Stephanie Meagher, Founder, Babes Without Beers 

Through regular meetups, workshops, and online resources, Babes Without Beers empowers its members to embrace a healthier lifestyle while fostering a sense of belonging.

women on beach

Boozeless Beours

Boozeless Beours is an inclusive community founded in Cork by Chloe O'Donovan that aims to redefine socialising in Ireland by promoting alcohol-free events and activities. With a focus on creating fun and engaging experiences, Boozeless Beours organises everything from coffee meetups and yoga workshops to outdoor adventures and wellness retreats. 


Sobriety isn’t just about being sober. It’s about rebuilding a connection with yourself and in turn a community. Chloe O Donovan, Founder, Boozeless Beours 

By providing an alternative to traditional drinking culture, this community encourages individuals to explore new ways of connecting with others while staying true to their personal goals.

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Sober Girls Ireland

Sober Girls Ireland is a supportive community specifically designed for women who have chosen an alcohol-free lifestyle. This empowering group founded by sober coach and expert Melissa Kelly, PHD, offers a platform for women to share their stories, seek advice, and find inspiration from like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges faced by women in sobriety. 

Community is such an important part of a sobriety journey. Instead of waiting around for more alcohol free events and communities to pop up here in Ireland, I decided to create one. So grateful I did! Melissa Kelly, Founder, Social Girls Ireland

Through regular meetups, workshops, and a vibrant online community, Sober Girls Ireland fosters personal growth, self-care practices, and meaningful connections among its members.


As the sober curious movement continues to gain momentum, Ireland's sober communities are playing a vital role in providing support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging to individuals seeking an alcohol-free lifestyle. 

These communities offer a safe and inclusive space for personal growth and connection and are helping thousands of people around Ireland embrace the opportunity to discover new ways of living and thriving without alcohol.


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