My Story: Breaking up with Alcohol with Stephen from @Alcohol_Free_Mag

Stephen from Alcohol Free Mag generously shares his personal journey with alcohol below. His poignant and heartfelt story follows a young man who, guided by self-reflection and support from loved ones, made the choice to embrace sobriety. Today, he is a renowned advocate for the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle through his work at @Alcohol_Free_Mag 

stephen from Alcohol Free Mag

So my story of breaking up with drink is a sad one and one of desperation. I’ll have to take you back to 1999 and a 17 year old trying to manage deteriorating mental health.

I didn’t know why I was hurting so much life and everything to do with it was a real struggle. So I drank and took drugs as a crutch. It helped give me relief but that was short lived. The hangovers were monumental and I was only 17. My health deteriorated to a point I needed an intervention. But then my friends and family gave me a very emotional hug and helped me give up drink.

It wasn’t easy navigating my late teens and twenties not drinking at parties but I knew I couldn’t and I saved a ton of money and spent it on motorbikes. At parties I was also known for staying up till the next morning chatting. There was on or two slip ups in my 20s but they just reminded me that it’s not worth it. So in 2008 I had my last drink and I’m 16 years sober.

I can barely remember the hangovers today but I certainly don’t miss them. Being sober now is great too with all the drinks and acceptance out there now. My favourite drink in my twenties was a pint of blackcurrant and just water because I was thirsty from dancing. Now there is so much I couldn’t name all the drinks but special mention to Guinness 00 it’s my favourite on tap.

stephen from Alcohol Free Mag

I did venture to the sober raves and other sober events in my 20s. But they felt like an illegal underground scene that hadn’t come out yet. But know it’s out there and proud. It makes me proud to be sober and meeting so many people for what ever reason coming together to have a good night with tasty drinks and no alcohol. It just makes me feel warm inside. Special mention to board that just opened, love that place.

Now I’m married to a beautiful wife and have two children that are a bundle of fun and drink is a distant memory.

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