Non-Alcoholic Wedding Drinks: 5 Thoughtful Ideas to Delight Your Guests

We all know that weddings are about celebrating love, joy, and the union of two souls. And let's not forget the toasts that often come with it. But what about those who choose not to drink?

Wedding with empty glasses

We’ve all been there - you're at a wedding, surrounded by clinking glasses and bubbly champagne toasts, but you have either water or a sad glass of warm orange juice. As a non-drinker, it can sometimes feel like you're on the sidelines of the celebration.

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According to a recent survey we did over at our Instagram (@idrinknolo), 99% of people agreed that weddings should provide a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Yet, 70% have experienced feeling excluded or uncomfortable at a wedding due to the lack of such options. Additionally, a huge 95% believe that wedding venues in Ireland are falling short in offering a sufficient variety of non-alcoholic drinks!

70% have experienced feeling excluded or uncomfortable at a wedding due to the lack of non-alcoholic drinks options

Part of the fun and joy in planning and hosting a wedding is in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where all guests feel cherished and part of the celebration. By providing thoughtful non-alcoholic drink options, the happy couple can ensure that everyone feels included and focused on the most important thing - celebrating the couple’s joy and creating happy memories!

So, how can we ensure that every guest feels seen, heard, and included in the wedding festivities? Here are some thoughtful suggestions to elevate the non-alcoholic drink options at weddings:

Non-Alcoholic Morning Mimosas

bride holding a non-alcoholic cocktail

For the getting ready stage of the celebrations, why not consider having some bottles of non-alcoholic champagne or prosecco ready to mix for non-alcoholic mimosas! That way it’s easy to toast the special day with options for both drinkers and non-drinkers and will set the tone for the rest of the wedding celebrations.

Mocktail Menu Magic

 non-alcoholic cocktail menuImpress your guests with a curated and themed mocktail menu featuring delicious and visually appealing non-alcoholic concoctions designed to honour the happy couple’s special day. Or simply ensure that if you’re creating a bespoke wedding cocktail, that you have a non-alcoholic version as an inclusive alternative for non-drinkers!

Cocktail Station with Non-Alcoholic Options

Or even better, a non-alcoholic cocktail bar! If you’re creating a bespoke cocktail station for your wedding reception, consider including non-alcoholic options for the custom menu. Including personalised signage, elegant glassware or eco-friendly cups, and maybe even a knowledgeable barista or mixologist to interact with guests and share the stories behind the beverages is a great way to ensure guests feel included and part of the celebrations.

Make Your Own Mocktail Stations

non alcoholic cocktail station weddings

Create interactive beverage stations where guests can customise their own non-alcoholic drinks and create their own mocktails. Set up a station with a variety of fresh fruits, herbs, flavoured syrups, and a selection of non-alcoholic spirits and mixers . Guests can mix and match ingredients to create their own custom mocktails. Don't forget fancy garnishes like edible flowers or citrus twists!

Non-Alcoholic Food Pairings

Elevate the dining experience by offering non-alcoholic drink pairings that complement the meal courses. There are plenty of non-alcoholic wine options that pair deliciously with a wedding feast and having that option for non-drinking guests is an easy way to make everyone feel included.

Delicious Celebratory Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Explore

These delicious non-alcoholic beverages can add a special touch to your wedding toasts, offering both elegance and delicious flavours without the alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Champagne or Prosecco Alternatives:

french bloom non-alcoholic champagne

Wild Idol: delightful non-alcoholic champagne with floral notes, perfect for toasting at weddings. Comes in White & Rosé.

French Bloom: a non-alcoholic champagne that adds a touch of elegance and celebration to weddings. Comes in White & Rosé.

Prima Pavé: a sophisticated and refreshing non-alcoholic prosecco alternative that complements any wedding celebration. Comes in White & Rosé.

Wild Life Botanicals: a unique and elegant wellness non-alcoholic option for guests looking for a special drink to enjoy at weddings. Comes in White & Rosé.

Non-Alcoholic Wine Alternatives:

Zeno: a rich and flavorful non-alcoholic wine alternative that pairs beautifully with wedding cuisine. Comes in White, Red & Sparkling.

Hollow Leg: a complex and satisfying non-alcoholic wine substitute from an Irish company, adding depth to the wedding beverage selection.

Other Interesting Non-Alcoholic Drinks

non alcoholic roseSaicho Sparkling Tea: a luxurious non-alcoholic sparkling tea option, ideal for guests seeking a refined and refreshing drink at weddings.

Bemuse Honey Wine: a creative and intriguing non-alcoholic beverage choice that adds a touch of novelty and excitement to wedding festivities.

Alavie Sparkling Wine: a unique and interesting non-alcoholic sparkling wine inspired by the iconic cocktail Kir Royale for a delightful celebration.

Offering a thoughtfully curated selection of non-alcoholic beverages not only shows consideration for guests who choose not to drink but also adds an extra touch of elegance to the celebration. At the end of the day, each guest is there to honour and celebrate the love between the happy couple. By incorporating these thoughtful gestures for non-drinkers, they will feel truly valued and included in the couple's unforgettable day.

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