Sentia: Experience the Buzz Without the Hangover

You may have recently heard of Sentia, a remarkable non-alcoholic spirit that has been making waves in the alcohol-free beverage industry. Sentia's unique blend of powerful, plant-based ingredients is scientifically proven to activate the 'GABA' neurotransmitter in the brain. This compound is responsible for those wonderful feelings of sociability, allowing you to come together with friends and connect over a delightful drink. Or, if you're looking to unwind in the evening, Sentia can provide gentle, mellow feelings to help you relax.

In this Q&A with founder Professor David Nutt, we dive into what makes Sentia different from other non-alcoholic drinks. We also explore the innovation that Professor Nutt is driving with his pioneering work on alcohol alternatives.

What is Sentia?

Designed by Neuroscientists and Botanists, Sentia offers a range of all natural, alcohol alternatives containing a carefully selected blend of plant ingredients designed to relax, re-vitalise, and promote conviviality. We select our botanical ingredients to enhance social connection and supplement them with others that improve uptake and absorption.

How is Sentia different from traditional non-alcoholic beverages?

Many conventional AF options mimic the flavours but fall short on function. Where traditional non-alcoholic options seek to imitate long established drinks, Sentia Red & Black don’t. They bring their own unique flavours, bodies, and mouthfeels and also provide some of the relaxing effects many of us want from a glass of wine, or a cocktail, without the alcohol.

What's the difference between Sentia Red & Black besides taste profile?

sentia non-alcoholic spirit

The ingredients in Sentia Red are designed to relax and promote intimate connection. the ingredients in Sentia Black are designed to invigorate and promote engaging conversations.

Future Innovation

The company behind Sentia - GABA Labs - is a pioneering and science-driven company that develops functional ingredients as patentable alternatives to alcohol. Led by Professor Nutt, GABA Labs is at the forefront of innovation in the non-alcoholic industry. By leveraging cutting-edge research and advanced technologies, the company is creating innovative solutions that provide the desired effects of alcohol without the negative consequences. GABA Labs' products are poised to disrupt the market and redefine the way people approach social and recreational experiences, offering a healthier and more responsible alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages.

Professor David Nutt and Sentia non-alcoholic spirit

GABA Labs is pioneering innovation for the non-alcoholic industry with its groundbreaking functional ingredient, Alcarelle. Designed as a patentable alternative to alcohol, Alcarelle is a synthetic GABAergic ingredient that aims to mimic the positive effects of alcohol, such as conviviality and sociability, while avoiding the harms and unpleasant effects. GABA Labs is taking Alcarelle through formal regulatory programs, seeking registration as a 'novel food' in the UK, EU, and Canada, as well as 'GRAS' (Generally Regarded As Safe) status in the US. This innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the adult beverages market, enabling drinks companies to create a whole new generation of functional adult beverages.

About Professor David Nutt

Professor David Nutt from Gaba Labs and Sentia

In 2009 Professor Nutt was famously dismissed from his position as Chair of The UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, after drawing up a list of relative drug harms to the individual and society, finding that alcohol was by far the most dangerous drug overall. He famously mentioned that taking ecstasy was a less dangerous habit than horse riding. He has campaigned for a more rational approach to drug use and drug harms ever since.

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